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house of 7 gambles

The House of the Seven Gables


Salem Heritage Tours is the only small-group walking tour of Salem (never more than 8-12 people per tour). We take you on a 60-minute walk through Salem’s history — the witch trials, maritime history, the historic sites of Salem, and more!

Our tours are kept small, so as to provide an intimate and enjoyable experience for all who attend. Plus, a smaller number of guests creates a relaxed and comfortable group dynamic; no one gets lost in the crowd.


Salem Heritage Tours gives you fun and informational tours of beautiful Salem, Massachusetts. Seth is the owner/tour guide. He has been living in Salem for most of his life. He has a local, personal connection with Salem. He is passionate about his hometown, and enjoys sharing the fascinating history with guests from around the world.

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You may also contact us directly at (978) 979-9014, for email us directly at


On the tour, you see many historical sites in Salem, like the Salem Witch Trial Memorial, Peabody Essex Museum, the Old Town Hall and more!

You never know what surprises will occur on our tours! We have had guests such as the Sanderson sisters appear on a tour. We have also had Professor Emerson “Tad” Baker of the history department at Salem State University show up!


Tour guide was phenomenal

My fiancé and I didn’t really know what to expect from Salem but Seth was incredibly knowledgeable and even pretty funny. We didn’t think we’d learn as much as we did. We got to take cool pictures and visit places we wouldn’t have even known about... 10/10 would highly recommend to anyone visiting Salem... We both really enjoyed our tour with him this morning.

– Jackie H., TripAdvisor
Amazing tour... Must do

I took a tour in October .. This tour Salem Heritage tours was the NEED TO do tour. Seth is extremely knowledgeable about the history. The tour is fun and interactive. IT is independently owned and operated by Seth. It's not expensive and the price is reasonable. It is easy to book. *Schedule an appointment ahead of time.* I could keep going and going. Overall. Seth and Salem heritage tours gets a 5 STAR rating.

– Carla K., TripAdvisor
Seth is awesome!!

We took several different tours in Salem so we can REALLY learn about the town and it's character. The Salem Heritage Tours was about the history of the first settlers and what happened to each family after the infamous witch trials period. Seth has lots of knowledge and sheared some interesting facts that defiantly put ALL the loose ends about towns history together, and completed the whole picture of the wonderful town of Salem. THANKS A LOT Seth!!!

– Ori L., TripAdvisor
Bewitching Tour!

We are a family of three generations, took a tour with Seth our guide and all learned fascinating facts about Salem’s History. It’s was fun, interesting and informative. We were given lots of insider tips on little known facts and great places to eat. Thanks Seth we enjoyed our time with you.

– Susan G., TripAdvisor
Great tour!

Had a great early fall tour with Seth - lots of interesting tidbits and history, and he kept the kiddos interested. Seth is clearly a student of history. My wife has an ancestor that was locked up in the witch trials, and Seth recognized the name AND knew his wife's name! recommend!

– Michelle T., TripAdvisor
History Comes Alive with Seth

As someone who has lived and worked in the Salem area for more than 20 years, I was pleasantly surprised to learn so much about the various sites I pass by each day. Seth makes the events and characters of the Witch Trials very relatable. I would highly recommend this tour!

– Jennifer S., TripAdvisor
Informative and well paced

The guide makes the tour. With Salem Heritage Tours, you will be led by Seth, who provides interesting facts and details with some personality. The tour lasts about one hour, and covers a variety of locations. I especially enjoyed the pace, because Seth kept us moving. I have experienced other tours that spend excessive time standing in unremarkable locations.

– Ronald L., TripAdvisor
Highly recommend

Seth was a great tour guide. The tour was well planned out and very informative. Seth provided a well rounded tour with information about the witch trials as well as other historical facts. We traveled to Salem from Buffalo. The tours were supposed to be postponed due to VERY hot and humid weather. Seth agreed to meet us early in the morning so we didn’t miss out. Great tour, great guy!

– Lisa R., TripAdvisor
Fun, Informative

This was a great walking tour that covered a variety of subjects about Salem (not just the witch trials, which is what many focus on). It was funny, and Seth did a great job of making the history come alive. Some of what he discusses can be a bit gruesome, as history sadly can be, but I'm sure that can be edited for families with children. Overall, a great time!

– Ariel K., TripAdvisor
Great night out/interesting, enthusiastic, personalized

Our tour with Seth was a company outing... Seth made the history of Salem come alive. He engaged personally, went as deep as we wanted to go taking the time to answer questions thoughtfully and with a great sense of humor... I’m typically not a tour guy but Seth made the history of Salem engaging and filled with little known details which show the depth of his personal investment in delivering great value for those lucky enough to be on one of his tours!

– Bill S., TripAdvisor
Enjoyable Tour at a Great Value

Thanks to our tour guide Seth for braving the cold and taking us on a tour while we were in town! We are so grateful! We had such a good time... It was informative enough without being overly long and tiring like tours can become. Funny and entertaining too. It was so worth the small price we paid. Seth allowed time for us to take pictures and kindly took our pictures since we don't do selfies... Would highly recommend this tour if you're visiting Salem!

– Melanie C., TripAdvisor
Great Tour with Tons of Insight

Seth was a great tour guide and told us about the different historic buildings that have been updated to modern times. Without him, we would not have known what to look at! The tour flew by because it was so enjoyable. Seth kept us engaged and gave many photo opportunities. This is a great tour during any time of the year!

– Scott W., TripAdvisor